POP Displays: Lean Principles in Manufacturing Convert to Money Saved in POP Design and Development!

Managing POP Design and Development Costs

Take a moment to go online and Google “lean manufacturing”.

You’ll find a host of entries covering the subject with experts touting Total Quality Management (TQM), Just-in-Time processes (JIT), Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), and the acronyms roll on. “Lean Principles” have taken hold in the manufacturing sector for a number of reasons, mainly due to the wakeup call issued by “Toyota” to the US automotive industry back in the early eighties. Do you remember that lesson? Ouch!

Lean Manufacturing in POP is all about eliminating “waste” and for most everyone, “waste” means money. More recently, “Lean Principles” are being applied to a host of other areas from biotechnology to computer programming. It was this kind of thinking that launched Microsoft’s dot Net Framework, a new software development platform and environment that has lead to breakthrough savings in Web and Windows development efforts.

Companies that recognize and eliminate the waste in their own businesses are better positioned to provide value to their customers in the 21st Century. Learn how Lean Principles in display development can result in lower POP display production costs and what you should be on the lookout for.


POP Best Practices:

Marketing Your Display Program to Retailers.

Selling Merchandising Programs to Retailers; A 4-Point Strategy.

A "4-Point Strategy" for Making Your Next Retail Merchandising Program a Total Success.

After considerable expense to develop new products or services, generate creative consumer ad campaigns, POP displays, brochures and marketing materials; it’s surprising that not much is done strategically to address what often is the most important link in the chain of success … “the retailer.”

If a merchandising program isn’t well accepted by the retailer, or well-placed at the point-of-sale, the success of your program will be greatly reduced.

Learn what you can do to ensure maximum success with your next display merchandising program.